About Tim

Tim has facilitated live courses in the personal & corporate development industry for more than 25 years. As a trainer of trainers for one of the worlds largest personal growth seminar companies, Tim learned two very important things about people.

  1. We all have goals & dreams.
  2. We all have challenges or hurdles to overcome on our journey to the place of our dreams.

Over twenty years spent cycling through the process of learning, practicing & teaching has provided Tim with the unique skill of delivering his message in the shortest, easiest to understand way. Speaking from stages in multiple countries to tens of thousands of people, Tim deconstructed all of personal growth and success into just 5 simple concepts... The "5 Pillars". Tim is now sharing with the world, his tried & true set of "Life Hacks" or "Cliff's Notes" to getting clear on what you want, overcoming life's challenges and reaching the life of your dreams.


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